HERA Triarii Pistol to Carbine Stock Systems. 

The new world of pistol carbine conversions is now here.  Hera Arms gladly announces the new Triarii. The Triarii has been designed to meet the functions and needs of today’s law enforcement/military, agency and sport users.  A click and fire system has been developed to ensure that response time is reduced and maximum capability is given.  With an approximate 4 second installation/ready to fire time; Hera’s Triarii can now provide needed time to any situation.  We are honored to have worked with various agencies, officials and customers throughout Europe, listening to their needs and wishes, available for the HK P30, HK P30L and various Glock models.

Visit the Hera website for details:                                      

10 round Magpul mags are available for:


cal .223 compatible with AR15, M16, M4, HK416, FN SCAR, MK16/16S, SA-80, M247 IAR

cal 7.62x39 compatible with 7.62x39 AK-47, AKM, AKS, RPK, SIG556R, and other Kalshnikov platforms. Please note that these mags are 10 rnd in a 30 rnd body, so it does not detract from the classical AK-47 looks.


Moreover new stocks of range bags and rifle transport systems are available together with a wide range of ammunition boxes for reloaders.