Below are some of the services that we offer. On subsequent pages you will find details and prices of the main lines of products that we stock. Please visit the individual pages dedicated to the Brands, where you will find details of items currently in stock.

Let us know of any special requirements that you may have and we will do our best to satisfy.

Trigger Sporting Arms operates without exception within the parameters of Maltese and EU Firearms legislation. Most products therefore are available only to persons who are licensed Shooters or Collectors according to the most recent subsidiary Regulations that are part  of the Arms Act  of August 2006. You may wish to refer to Arms Legislation in Malta here.


We offer an importation service of any firearms won on eGun, through an authorised German dealer. Let us know of your requirements.

A wide range of accessories is stocked such as bench rests,   rifle and gun soft and hard       cases and holsters,                    ammunition boxes and reloading components, range cases,  cleaning accessories and safes.       

Guns, like any piece of fine machinery require servicing and maintenance to continue functioning safely. We can help you achieve this with our range of gun care products. We offer maintenance on several types of guns. Please note that this depends on the availability of parts. Contact us for any special requests you may have.